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Friday, June 02, 2006

Vulnerabilities and Public +personal...

In few monthes i had posted reported some harmfull* vulnerabilities, but i think is enough for me.
My friend der4444 some time ago had writen that public exploits s*cks, in my case there was no public exploits or some how to* for those guys who call themselfes "hackers".
I will post/report maximum 10-15 more , and thats will be end.
Of offcourse not for us , not for you .. just for me.
I think that VietMafia will continue sharing in public part of his job and time.
In my case if i had before few minutes at school to check&report some security holes , than now its over with my free time.
Even i tried to manage my time for my small hobby,..but...but... oh..yeah ..summer is in europe too:) So maybe i will continue with my reports on autumn , i hope so..

And of course in summer i will not have enough time to learn english , thats means those who had&have problems with my english writing style/grammar will also in future have same problems.. In my native language you will not find any translator wich will work with my style* , so i think i will continue typing in something similar to english.

About blog and forum, they will exist as always .

Even end will come soon still r0t.


Blogger cembo told...

Too bad you had to give up your hobby, even if it's just for a while.

4:45 AM

Blogger r0t told...

cembo:) yes, but im just human.

8:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous told...

sad to hear that!
anyway good luck man :D

11:58 PM


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