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Saturday, June 24, 2006

btw ...

Somebody was asked to me why coments on this blog is "censured" - moderated.
Every day tehere are almost 50 spammers with comercial spam, like credit loans and other not suprissed cauz many of my reports/advisories are ecommerce webaplications.
To fight with spammers if it was one will be not so dificult , but ...
Any way spam sucks...

In my last post i told that i will not have time to publish advisories and report about unsecured systems and i told that i will post 10-15 and thats will be end and other guys or VietMafia will continue contribute blog with advisories.
IN place of 10-15 is more than 50 became , cauz VietMafia didnt .... So for me its to easy to do nothin, thats why i didnt stop..even my time is limited . I will continue so long as i can.

And again there is some developers (2 from 50) who are shocked that i didnt contacted them and reported about vuln.
I regullary try to do this in every 100 advisory i try, so no succesfull result till now, so why i must?
So i think that we stay in one point, i can do only my job wih success if you do mistakes, if you dont i can do my job.
Everyone have mistakes and im not better than you , its just my job to find out some mistakes.
In that point i wanna also say thanks to Secunia and OSVDB guys for support.

And till now i didnt wrote article about wich i had promissed to write,cauz im waiting when cembo will complete PVS-Pridels Vuln Scanner , if its will be great tool my meaning can change and content of article to, thats why i better wait.
And before it will be published i will try as alternative for my fingers... :)


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