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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

about general

I decided that blog isnt best place to continue publishing proxies&socks , cauz its take too much place in your view.
Proxies&socks start yesterday are published on our board .
I will try to contribute daily ,but how long i dont know .

Other point that i second time heard that i am in some other places one was Security Castle and other one some turkish hackers board .
I dont know who are those persons , but thats not me .. me you can meet only here or on our board .

About Crew ,
cembo will make SQL&XSS tool, that will help lazy guys to discover vulns.
And PMB new realese also will come soon .
As i already told FrozenEye, i will write a simple tut how to discover SQL/XSS vulns on webaplications and other nianses in that case. My tut will not open new america its already said/wroten by many people, it will be just from other view or my view.
We are working also for other stuff , when we come closer to complete results ...than you will know more.
Hm... i said almost all what i wanted to say, just... i dont like situation wich we have on board ... its about mods. I already now discuz with some people about that.. have some candidates ,but im not sure and they arent sure that we can work together , so its actual that we need mods, so if you think you are right person or you wanna be that person , go to our board and speak with guys or with me.


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