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Monday, May 08, 2006

still relaxing.

I told that i will not post, but as you see it was dificult to dont spend 3 minutes for another vuln. report/advisory.
In that "holiday" time i was checked few times mail/blog and was geting smile on my face for some persons.

One of nice persons will be a "wanabe hacker" ReZEN from XOR Crew.
After i was published Albinator vuln in blog (advisory was long time posted by VietMafia on our board), ReZEN explode with his geniallity. Start with adding lame comments and ending with "nice greetings" in his next advisories.
As he supposed that his advisories are more usable as mine or ours...
OK. Let me edit that ...
In first point you must see that diference between us are to big, cauz i dont think that im great hacker or any type of hacker, and i post vuln, cauz that must be done from my view and just for global insecure report.
But look at you , you are hard working wanabe hax0r, for you each advisory is a one step more to your fame as a great hax0r.
And even that "nice greetings" are absolutly lame , i know that is good tryin to get more fame , does you advisories dont give you enough fame on defacers scene?
Forget that i will post in my vuln. reports your nickname or your crew name just to work for your fame.
And about Albinator , it was audited by VietMafia , so credits goes to him.. mine was just XSS add.
So about Pridels Sec Crew i dont think that somebody from those guys did something to you or your crew , but if you dont think like me , than only person who can be attacked form lames like you its me, so you already forgot about another guys, your target is me.
All your "nice greetings" adress directly to me , i always will be glad to see your nice work:)

To all others, im still chillin in lovely Latvia and enjoying ice hockey , but i'll be back soon, cauz looks that my favorite team will not get what they really deserve.


Blogger cembo told...

tell me about it... 5:0 :(

11:51 AM

Blogger r0t told...

The result with fin is bad:( you are right. but still is a hope in next game agaisnt slovenia.

9:31 PM

Blogger cembo told...

yes, but they also are a strong team, as allways we get into the "death group" :(

10:51 PM

Blogger r0t told...

they are 1 class lower (as said Fin coach:)) , last games with them LV idi won, in this year sloavenia show more better play than LV, igive 50/50 that LV will win or get draw with them.

1:01 AM

Blogger VietMafia told...

hehe, glad to see that you're enjoy overthere r0t, and cembo i hope you can join with r0t very soon. I'm at my first day of travelling. everything is fine except for the damn hot weather :)

wow, ReZEN, what a "great" hacker!!! hohoho.

6:21 AM

Blogger r0t told...

Thanks VietMafia :) I hope you will also enjoy your traveling.
btw cembo all my bets by bookmakers goes for slo win, so i cant lose :)

2:04 PM

Blogger cembo told...

5:1!? Hooray!!!

9:47 PM

Blogger r0t told...

2 period was very good:)

10:04 AM

Blogger cembo told...

Of course I could only see it in text mode... :( this sucks...

10:30 AM

Blogger r0t told...

i belive you:)
anyway, i think that against CA we dont have chances to win, but against US and NO chances are pretty good.

11:51 AM

Blogger cembo told...

we can win against USA, we've done it before

3:15 PM

Blogger cembo told...

who wants to be paid for killing the referee from Latvia:Canada game? :)

7:36 PM

Blogger r0t told...

how much you will give? :)

1:58 AM


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