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Monday, May 01, 2006

ice hockey 2006 @Riga

In 5.05 will start world championship of ice-hockey in Riga/Latvia , so to relax with watching hockey and to meet my friends from there and of course tasty beer+blond chicks...:)
i will take for me holidays and will go there...I think that its possible that cembo also goes there..
So, thats means that you can relax from my vuln. reports for 2 weeks.
But i think that VietMafia or der4444 will give some vuln. report..:)


Anonymous Anonymous told...

you lucky lucky man, I will be able to get there only at the end of june, let's hope it won't be finished till then...

12:38 PM

Blogger r0t told...

:( its bad to hear that, and i know how good tv choice is in UK..(nightmare)

2:41 AM

Blogger VietMafia told...

wish you have a really good time there! i'm gonna have 2 weeks off too for travelling but i will try to get on to post something when i can :)

3:19 AM

Blogger r0t told...

Thanks bro, so i wish to a adventure full travel:)

4:23 PM


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