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Monday, April 10, 2006

about Pridels Crew...

Hi peepz,
Some words again about project...
I was missed 3 monthes and didnt was here , also i dint saw for a while RaZbh , i hope that he read this message and will contact me ..But as you see cembo was released his "Alberts" about wich you can know more on our board.
Yeah...board ..board.. its still running on 3.5.1 , but i will upgrade in next days ..
Also i must upgrade our poor site wich uses same script as Astalavista(weeks found XSS vuln. on it)
I was planned that i will post all new vulns at our site, but most of them are just crap and its just some minutes job , so i still post that garbage in this blog , cauz its more easy and faster.
But i saw that some of advisories cembo or der4444 had added from here...

About my friend der4444 he was also here all time , of course not enough time cauz he study and work , everybody have limited time 4 most stuff.
What i wanna say that as crew ,we will need new members of course we dont care about nationality or religion or even political choice , cauz our world is free from that shit and if we are addicted than we are addicted to ourselfes and things what we like to do..
Ok. for intresents in joining to our crew/board/commmunity just go and register @ board and show that you're intresed to help community or to learn or just to join crew.
Pridels Crew need:
Coders,Programmers,Xploiters,Pentesters,Designer,Moderators(with expirience)

join board our mail me r0t [at]

I saw that some eXploiters/hax0rs ask money for some education stuff or for some VIP features , we will not ask any money or donations , cauz we do what we like to do.. And project is sponsored by ourselfes.
We share our skills,our time and thats all!



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