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Monday, February 13, 2006

Alberts v1.0

Cembo, a member of the pridels crew has made a big release today.
Today in the forum:
You will find "Alberts v1.0"

This an entirely freshly coded botnet program. Simply follow the directions provided to turn a windows machine into a tool for your own use.

Cembo is a very intelligent guy, and with many advanced skills. As he has proven to the world with the release of this tool.

Today was a public release; If you become active in our community, you can be rewarded with future private releases that will have many more features! As we speak cembo is planning to create self modifying code to stop AVs
Being a member has many benefits, this is just one. Join and you can ask the pridels team any questions you like. We have a wide knowledge base and will answer just about anything.


Blogger Shak told...

Hey guys, I got here thanks to I checked out your forum - maybe I'll register some time. I can speak and read Russian, but my writing is pretty bad. Are any of you into FreeBSD or techno?

3:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous told...

i need help some files that i downlond make me problems i cant see them
microsoft send me to you

1:05 PM

Blogger der4444 told...

nice to meet you, more computer geeks the better.

I am not really into FreeBSD, except o f course when a server is running it..

Yeah it got kinda killed. To bad it was good software too.

6:13 PM

Blogger ass2006 told...

Hi, a nice blog you have here. You will surely get an bookmark :) Acrisol

8:27 PM

Blogger r0t told...

cong! about language even its not on c++ it can be usable !
have some probz with connect but will be soon with zou guys

3:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous told...

Hi R0T!!!!!


8:19 PM

Blogger Sally W told...

If the universe did start with a bang - when God loved and the angels sang - one of the sparks that flew - chased time to become you :) xaNax

2:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous told...

yeah, HI r0t!!!


5:08 PM

Blogger Vurdlak told...

nice stuff did you know there is hacked windows DVD to be found on the net (hacked from swedish hacking group) that has everything included all programs and windows modified to be 100 times more secure and stable? ne1 knows more about it?? thnks

8:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous told...

i'm comp sci magor who's way behind in class. i looking for any help on the net. any suggestions. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanx a bunch in advance, MAo

9:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous told...

Switch to a major you can handle.

7:25 PM

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