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Monday, January 09, 2006

r0t is here....

Hi guys i read comments , that my buddys ,friends are worry abot me.
Of course im alive , just dont have any connect to internet.
About our project, this blog isnt dead and will not be dead, just for some time i will be very inactive poster here, in my place can be der4444 or cembo or RaZbh .
About the domain is still in air when i will have more oportunities in internet and normal connection i will resolve that problem.
cembo and xpridel is admins on board , the board is empty but i hope after this post it will start to be an normal board , with great stuff for many level members, hackers,crackers,testers,programmers all those who wanna learn and share they knowlegde from whole globe.
board you can found on

about my problems and error´s from real life, nobody must throw away or overwrite they hd´s cauz i had some problems.

To my team guys: dont stop workin, i will be back!



Anonymous Anonymous told...

Yes sir! Glad that everything turned out to be ok!


9:27 PM

Anonymous sun told...

Ar atgrieshanos... :)!

8:17 AM


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