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Friday, December 16, 2005

Today about us in soon future

1 month close to time when i was started to report public about unsecured systems on net.
Even i will do maybe some days more , my way is another way ...exploring net and not reporting about net.
Of course my friends think that is "kindergarten" style to express your self on scene , but i think that sometimes you must do some things that must be done.
I and my friends had board 1 month ago on now board was closed for maintance , but not for long , the board will be back very soon , to give a possibilty share our skills with others.
Forget about white hatĀ“ism , board will be in underground , maybe to deep on underground , of course we will share information only for general it* education and not for kidies who want to get easy fame.
I wrote this message to someone who are ready to be part of real community and not just for fame stuff on scene.
If you are skilled enough to share your skill and expirience with others you will be welcome to our crew.
Till now our community was international we had crew members from USA,Latvia,Germany...but it not big diference from wich part of globe you come , general is that what you can and what you do.
If you will join us you can contact me admin[at]hackers[dot]by[dot]lv


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