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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

PDEstore XSS vuln.

PDEstore XSS vuln.

Vuln. dicovered by : r0t
Date: 14 dec. 2005
affected version:1.8 and prior

Product Description:
PDEstore Ver. 1.8 is an easy to easy to install, easy to use online shopping cart cgi script and is easily installed via FTP. PDEstore makes configuring your store calculations easy to update and change as needed. PDEstore does not use complex modules to complicate consistent, error-free operation. Easy web-based management scripts make it easy to maintain your store products. PDEstore simplifies the process of selling products from your web site.

Vuln. Description:

PDEstore contains a flaw that allows a remote cross site scripting attack. This flaw exists because input passed to search module parameter and "product" "cart_id" parameters in "pdestore.cgi" isn't properly sanitised before being returned to the user.
This could allow a user to create a specially crafted URL that would execute arbitrary code in a user's browser within the trust relationship between the browser and the server, leading to a loss of integrity.




Edit the source code to ensure that input is properly sanitised.


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