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Monday, December 05, 2005

iWonder Designs

iWonder Designs provides custom application and web development services at affordable prices
with the highest standards of quality.

-Reading Room
-Creativity Room


The variable $baseDir is used in an insecure manner. If registered_globals=On, remote code execution can result.


This product is still in Beta according to sourceforge. However since these developers also do 'contract' coding, I do
not doubt this product may appear in final production servers.

Similar problems may exist in sites coded by them.
Even though they claim:
"Highest standards of quality" But maybe basic security is not part of their high standards.

der4444 -
How can people make money coding crap like that?
This document is the intellectual property of me, so leave it as is.


Blogger r0t told...

maybe someone will post some genius comment that again somebdy isnt profesional cauz nobody was reported to " I wonder Designs!"

bro keep posting!

5:55 AM


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