by r0t,der4444,cembo,VietMafia

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy New Year !!!

Me and crew wish a happy new year to everyone!


last days in 2005 , r0t will be on european hackers conference, so here will be no vuln. or security reports from r0t at last days...So, take a break!:)

Other guys will enjoy they holydays around the globe and with family...

New vuln,advisories,board on 2006 year!

With best wishes r0t,der4444,RaZbh,cembo!!!


Anonymous sun told...

Laimiigu jauno gadu :) un labaaku par sho 8)!!!

8:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous told...


12:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous told...


12:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous told...


12:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous told...

Merry X-Mas and a happy New Year everyone!!!

9:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous told...

Hello r0t3d3Vil,
Can you please update this page:

EZ Invoice, Inc™ has a patch available. Please email and EZI
will email you the patch to fix this small issue.

Please make this note to this page or please remove this page from your website. I appreciate you finding the error!

December 29, 2005 5:03pm

Thank you for your time,

Seth Matson - President
EZ Invoice, Inc™ •

2:18 AM

Blogger r0t told...

Seth , i did updated that page.

2:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous told...

Iebaaz sev dirsaa savus vulnus. Daunis tu esi r0t. Visiem pie kaajas vinji ir. Ja nevari neko kvalitatiivu atrast, tad neliec vispaar. Suds ne blogs. Saakuma pat bija lasaams....
Iemet labaak kaut ko par kaardingu.

5:27 PM

Anonymous r0t told...

da suuka pimpi anoniimais meesl..Tev sheit nemaz nevajadzeja atziimeties , nosmirdot leeti..
Pa kardingu zidaini atradisi ieksh

9:05 PM


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