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Friday, December 30, 2005

22C3: Private Investigations by r0t

Today @ 22C3 private investigations or eu. hackers conference meet some my old friends, "The Cracker" and other "-??-" both i know from crackers scene. -??- was sitting in da one of corner with his box and was showed that he is very busy as always:) The Cracker told that he is out from cracking and try to legalize his life...
Thats the nice stuff...
There was and will be today some good lectures , but...if many of them are unintresant for me like gsm,xbox or terorosim stuff..
About anonymity, there was JAP,etc..
I dont think that in meetings like this one must speak about projects like JAP.
speakers was ok... In da dark room was alltime some overlockers ...i will never understand why shoud give so much time to overlock door key lock or nike key lock...
There was alot of .net junkies... like a paradise for them.. 24 hours at day chillin with they boxes:)
Bonnus stuff , there was stand for someone who offer ssl stuff, they gaved ssl certificates for free..isnt amazing? ... yeah... i dont think that is a some bonnus..
In one area there was some books about liquid life and communism ,nazis,marijuna,lsd and other crazy things...(i suppose to give that area undergound meaning)
Ok. too much critic for organization, but anyway i had my fun there ...learned?
No, just saw some other views and ways to solve problems and to get sucess.
Today is last day and i will not go there but if you are in berlin you can take view.

about my english.. i think you already know.


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