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Sunday, August 28, 2005


he he....

Pa brizhiem esmu pamanijis ka cilveki mekle normlakaus varaintus par kaut kadiem Proxy Hunteriem (kursh ir bezjedzigi lens un skrien tikai uz windas).

Mazliet par skanneri:

pr0's linux industrial grade/superfast proxy scanner.

This proxy scanner was built on the c platform, is 100% stable, & was designed to be a completely self contained proxy scanner, checker & filter. Entire blocks of IP's can be scanned in as little as an hour or 2, like entire blocks...i.e. to in as little as 1 hour!! So you can clearly see the advantages to this. You may feel free to pick apart the code & change it anyway you want but please leave the name "pr0" in the credits, no need for a link to the domain, just a simple "thanks to pr0" would be nice. : )

One log file will be made with your regular http proxies, & one file will be created at the end of the scan with all of the SSL capable proxies. All the code is here for you to see, tinker with, use as as, or just enjoy! It will scan any set ports that use the http or https protocol.

On the page entitled scanner.txt you will find the installation instructions, where to place which files on your server, & the line commands needed to be given to the program to begin scanning. Here is an example of one of the commands....

nohup ./pscan -s startip -e endip -p port1,port2,... -o logfilename -c maxthreads -t maxtimeout

Which in english would amount to

nohup ./pscan -s -e -p 80,3128,8080 -o 213.log -c 1000 -t 5

This would mean you are beginning the pscan proccess, scanning & ending at & placing the proxies in the log 213.log, setting the maxthreads your server makes at any given time to 1,000 & setting the timeout to 5 seconds.

Of course on a slower connection you would want to set the timeout to -t 10 or -t 15, and if you are searching for proxies on notoriously slow ranges, or for some god awfull reason using a dialup you may even want to set your timeout to -t 25 & threads to 1/2 of normal.

This scanner was made to be run on a Linux based system, connected to a decent pipe, i.e. a 10mbps switch, however it can be run on your P.C. just not at the great speeds.

Upon finding a good proxy, the script checks back to a self contained ENV checker on your own server, of course this could be edited in any fashion you wish.

Here is the bottom line people. On a dual xeon 2.6 with 1gb of ram or a P4 2ghz or above, on a 10mbps unmetered line, or even just a regular OC/DS3 Pipe to the internet that any hosting company would have...or better connection, you should be able to set your connections to 5-10,000, your timeout to 5 seconds, and an entire range such as 213.* will be done within less than one hour. And it will pick up every single possible proxy, filter out the gateways, & create a seperate logfile of the proxies which are ssl enabled.

This scanner puts proxy hunter to shame, point blank : )

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